About 710 Excursions


710 Excursion is owned and operated by Shawn Pulley based in Ladysmith, Quebec, deep in the heart of the Pontiac County. Along with his two growing boys, who are already starting to handle the lines, to insure another generation working with horses.

Shawn has fond memories as a young boy helping his grandfather in the barn with his horses. After many years of not having much hands on time with horses. In fact Shawn spent countless hours driving motorized vehicles such as snowmobiles, atvs, and four wheel drive trucks. Shawn had a secret goal in life to one day have a team of work horses like his Grandfather always talked about. Shawn also new a good team of horses would replace all his expensive hobbies and be more efficient travelling through the bush,  snow, mud and even water than the modern motorized versions.

Shawn learned lots from working with the paint horses he trained to pull wagons and sleighs. Theses horses belonged to his aunt and were off spring from the horses his grandfather had breed and raised some many year ago. 

In 2004 Shawn became the president of the Pontiac Wagon Train and soon realized that driving work horses is a passion and a way of life that is no well represented to newest generations. He also realized that there were becoming fewer and fewer mentors for him to turn and learn from. He knew it was time for him to find a way to show more people, and generations to come. It was his turn to carry on the tradition of working with heavy horses. As he lost some of his elderly friends, who also shared his love and passion of driving and working with heavy horses. He also takes great pride in walking in the shoes of the teamster who broke these lands before him.

He wanted to show people work horses were not as big and intimidating as they may appear inside a show ring of a 6 or 8 horse hitch. Or the brutality of watching a competitive horse draws. These animals are gentle giants and do not need to be beaten to make them work in your favor. Shawn found most people always shared the bad stories of working with horses and need to reinforce the positive moments spent with gentle giants.

In 2007 Shawn started laying down the foundation that would later develop 710 Excursions. He purchased a green broke 3 year old draft horse named Victor and began using the experience he had gained from working with the smaller horses. Soon Shawn out grew 1 and needed another to make a team. Now with Victor and May Shawn was becoming quite a sight around Ladysmith. Local residence and cottagers alike had not seen horses. in many of years. travelling down the roads on a regular basis. Shawn soon realized after countless people requesting rides there was a demand for this business in the Pontiac County. And officially started 710 Excursions in 2008. Shawn’s business has been growing steady since the beginning and he hopes it continues to grow as he is constantly developing more year round excursions so people can enjoy time with his horses’ year around.

710 Excursions now offers a wide range of services catering to most needs of our clients. offering vis-à-vis wedding carriages and  elegant wagons and sleighs. However wel do the bulk of our daily work with a 24 passenger hay wagon or traditional work sleighs. Which ever horse drawn vehicle you choose to spend your time on, Shawn will definitely make your trip enjoyable with his wonderful Draft horses.